Prospective Researchers in Systems Intelligence (Voices from Early and Mid-Career Researchers)

  1. Current Research
  2. Future Research Plan
  3. Research Environment and Life

User Interfaces for Social Telepresence
Hideyuki Nakanishi(Associate Professor, Graduate School of Engineering)

Hideyuki Nakanishi
  1. I’m working on user interfaces for social telepresence – an illusion that people who are actually in separated places feel as if they were meeting face to face.
  2. To enable social interaction that needs physical embodiment (e.g. a handshake), I integrate a teleoperated humanoid robot with a videoconferencing system.
  3. Last year, a TV crew and an idol visited my laboratory and held a virtual handshake event.

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Understanding and Supporting Human Communication by Using Interactive Robots
Yuichiro Yoshikawa(Associate Professor, Graduate School of Engineering Science)

Yuichiro Yoshikawa
  1. I have studied human communication using interactive robots.
  2. Human is influenced by others. I would like to understand its mechanism through building robots having humanlike influences on others by using robots. Meanwhile, based on it, I would like to build a technology to support human communication or child development.
  3. I can use very humanlike androids and recording systems of human behavior in the laboratory.

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Physical Interaction between Human and Robot Driven by Flexible Linear Motors
Yoshihiro Nakata(Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Engineering Science)

Yoshihiro Nakata
  1. I have developed a novel muscle-like variable impedance linear motor and studied physical human robot interaction by using it.
  2. I will develop a robot driven by the linear motors with not only human-like motion but also response to interaction and realize natural communication with humans.
  3. I have a plurality of small systems include high power linear motor and its controller.

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Functional PET Imaging Trying for Drug Development based on the Neuroscience
Eku Shimosegawa(Associate Professor, Graduate School of Medicine)

Eku Shimosegawa
  1. I have studied brain functional imaging with various types of radionuclide tracers and PET system.
  2. I have an interest in the function of the glia cells. We evaluate the function of astrocyte and microglia using new PET tracers.
  3. Young researchers are gathering in our department from various fields with high motivation. I look forward to the future as their scientists.

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Artificial Vision (Retinal Prosthesis)
Takeshi Morimoto(Associate Professor, Graduate School of Medicine)

Takeshi Morimoto
  1. My research themes are artificial vision for blind patients and electrical stimulation therapy for retinal and optic nerve diseases.
  2. I want to know what patients see the outside world through artificial vision. I also want to develop a new artificial vision by using five sense information, light, sound, odor, vibration, etc.
  3. I’m an ophthalmologist. I see many patients and operate on many patients in my university hospital. My dream is that our artificial vision gives blind patients new sight.

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Neural Mechanisms for Behavioral Selection in Motivational Behaviors
Yasunobu Yasoshima(Associate Professor, Graduate School of Human Sciences)

Yasunobu Yasoshima
  1. I investigate neural and physiological mechanisms of motivational and learning processing in animal models for binge-like overconsumption and taste aversion learning.
  2. We now study how the interaction among feeding habit, neurochemical substances and brain reward system alters feeding control.
  3. One of our aims is to obtain neural clues to addiction-like feeding behavior in humans.

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Elucidating the Neural Basis of Visual Object Recognition
Hiroshi Tamura(Associate Professor, Graduate School of Frontier Bioscience)

Hiroshi Tamura
  1. My research interest is in mechanisms of visual object recognition. By recording simultaneously from multiple neurons in the brain, I try to reveal representations of visual images and organizations of neural circuitries.
  2. I am planning to study neural basis of visual recognition while subjects actively interact with environment.
  3. I am happy with my research environment that allows me to concentrate on research.

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Development of Neural Mechanisms Underlying Human Cognition
Tamami Nakano(Associate Professor, Graduate School of Frontier Bioscience)

Tamami Nakano
  1. I have studied the neural mechanism of human cognition and behavior. My main theme is the functional role of spontaneous eyeblink and the development of social cognition.
  2. I want to explore the neural mechanism of human cognition and behavior under the natural environment.
  3. In my private life, I am taking care of two children. Thanks to the people around me for generous support, I can combine family life and research career.


Prospective Researchers in Systems Intelligence

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